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You Are Loved

My Healing Books Inspire Women To Heal Their Traumatic Identity And Embrace The Truth Of Who They Are So That They Can Live A Life Of True Abundance And Inner Peace

“Heal Your Mind To Heal Your Life”

“You Are The Author Of Your Life”

New Book Release

Out Of The Shadows

With mental health issues on the increase, experienced by our young people through to our elderly communities,  we can no longer pretend that it is not happening.  We must now come together  to begin the process of healing the stigma associated with mental health challenges through communication and effective health & social care implementation projects.

It is time to stop hiding how we truly feel.

“Read the Lives of seven people who were raised in very intense dysfunctional families and endured years of suffering at the hands of their dysfunctional family and friends and how they never gave up of the inner knowing  that true love will set them free”

How I can Help You

I help women and men living within, dysfunctional lifestyles, open their hearts to love to see the beauty within.

I will share with you how you can develop your inner strength and resilience, release emotional pain and open your door to the loving light within you.

I compassionately help single parents discover their inner capacity to create a safe and secure foundation filled with abundance for themselves and for their children.

“Support is available if you truly desire it”

Hi, I”m Sylvia Carla

“I grew up in Los Angeles California in an intensely dysfunctional family atmosphere and environment.  As an adult I was continually attracting the same type of people until one day I decided to be happy.  This meant that I had to look at how my feelings and thoughts about myself affected my   external environment.”

Once I had  re-gained control of my own happiness and began the process of letting go of much of the dysfunctions within me and around me,  my willingness  to love myself deepened, and I became the author of my own destiny.

My Mission

My mission is to contribute to the healing of women’s self-abuse, addictions, anxiety, and depression that was created through the experience of living in a cycle created by generational trauma.

My Goal

My goal is to create a community that will offer educational and lifestyle resources for                     women’s self-development.

“If you can feel it you can heal it”